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Hi dear author, Are you an author and searching for a legit platform for guest writing? Are you a passionate writer and looking for a platform to showcase your writing skills?

Reavispizzastl.com is providing the opportunity of guest writing to all writers, irrespective of their working experience. At Reavispizzastl.com, you can submit guest posts related to multiple categories.

There are certain guidelines which you would require to follow to submit a guest post for publication on our platform.

Read this page carefully to understand all the necessary guidelines wisely.

About our organization and the content we publish

Reavispizzastl.com is a general blogging platform and we provide opportunities for guest writers to introduce their write-ups to our reader community.

You can find articles about numerous subjects and multiple categories on our website. Being a general blogging platform, there is always a responsibility to maintain quantity with quality.

As general blogging platforms cater for a wider range of audiences and they seek information of multiple categories.

So, there is always scope for guest writers on our platforms who can provide quality content to our readers.

Content categories in which you can write guest posts for our platform

We allow writers to write in multiple categories for Reavispizzasti.com. Our prime categories are given below:

  • News
  • Fashion
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Reviews
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Business

These are the main categories in which we publish articles frequently. However, this list is not exhaustive but avoid writing content related to adultery and gambling.

Guidelines which you need to follow to publish your write-up in Reavispizzasti.com

There are certain guidelines which every author needs to follow wisely for the approval of their write-up.

Guidelines are given below:

Content shall be original and plagiarism free

Original content makes your website more credible. On the internet, generally, readers surf to read something fresh and unique that they don’t know or never read before.

If your website/platform is providing them with what they are seeking, then eventually they become your regular reader. 

In contrast, if readers find the same repetitive and copied content in your article then it harms your credibility as an author and pulls down the goodwill of the platform as well.

The quality team of Reavispizzastl.com always pay attention to these criteria very closely before publishing any write-up on the platform.

So, if you want to feature your article on Reavispizzastl.com then the content shall be original and plagiarism free. Make sure you are checking your content with multiple plagiarism checkers for effective results.

Content needs to be grammatically correct

Grammar is an integral part of content writing. If you write your content without grammatical errors, it gives confidence to the readers that the content is genuine and written by a knowledgeable person.

In contrast, multiple obvious language errors in the write-ups hamper reader’s trust and also affect the reading experience.

Therefore, you should pay enough attention to grammatical details while writing content for our website.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options available for language error detection and its correction. Some are paid, while others are free, you can use them at your convenience and budget.

Take care of SEO guidelines

SEO stands for search engine optimization. As the name suggests, we have to optimize our content according to the guidelines of search engines.

There are multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And we have multiple guidelines which every person on the internet needs to comply with to get better visibility in search results.

The fact is that no matter how well you have written the content and how much value you are providing through it but if people are unaware of it then it is not beneficial for readers as well as for writers.

It is crucial to implement all relevant SEO guidelines while writing content and moulding content accordingly.

It will help to increase visibility and the search engine will push your web page higher in readers’ search results.

Insertion of links in the content

Reavispizzasti.com allow its guest authors to add up to two external links in their write-ups. These two links can be redirected to their blog/website or their social media accounts.

It is advisable to add links in the author bio section so that readers can identify precisely that these links belong to the author of this write-up.

One thing you need to comply with is that links which you are hyperlinking with your text shall not redirect to any spam or adult websites. If so, then they will be removed from your content.

Also, our team will add our do-follow links in the write-up.

Image’s addition 

Adding a relevant image to your content makes it more interesting and easy to read. 

It has multiple benefits and search engines also appreciate adding at least one the relevant image to your content.

Two things you need to follow for the selection of an image for your write-ups. It shall be copyright free and relevant to the content.

At Reavispizzastl.com, we have a policy for guest posts, that every author needs to add at least one image in the write.

Authors are free to add multiple images if content requires.

Maximum and minimum word limits

Reavispizzastl.com is a general blogging platform and we publish content in numerous categories. 

Our team prefers to publish articles with at least 1000 words and the maximum depends on the article’s subject.

However, it is advisable to write up to 3000 words in a single write-up.

How to send a guest post to Reavispizzastl.com for publication?

Sending guest posts for publication is an easy process. Guest post writers need to send their write-ups via email in doc format.

Before sending a guest post for publication make sure that you followed all the guidelines to avoid rejection.

If you have any queries or want to ask anything related to guest posting, feel free to contact our team. Generally, you will get a reply within 24 hours to post emailing.

Email id: info@reavispizzastl.com