Freight Brokerage: How Brokers Can Increase Bookings Per Delegate

Looking for a faster way to compress messages between couriers and drivers, ATC Dispatching turned to a new cloud-based messaging system that provides real-time communication with delivery offices and taxi drivers.

Among its largest operations, Mail is a top priority for, and it is headquartered in USA, Canada. The company is dedicated to road and intermodal transport services, including storage, service, and driver personnel. It operates in 40 states and serves corporate clients, including many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

The fleet employs 1,900 drivers and has more than 2,000 tractor units and 6,000 trailers for the company. He connects his work with the work of master and servant. The company ships trucks internationally.

ATC Dispatching approached Motor city Systems to integrate the company’s Relay instant messaging platform with a new fleet electronics and telematics system.

Unlike instant messaging and chat, which drivers can already access on their smartphones, many ELD and telematics devices allow drivers to wait five minutes or more to listen in the back of their truck, according to Motor city.

Dial Fits in The Cockpit

On the other hand, the migration platform integrates the ELD software and the programming backend. The traditional messaging device for the dispatcher has been removed and ATC Dispatching drivers can now access the latest news in the cloud on a new in-cab tablet.

“Senders find it easy to use and versatile,” he said. “In addition to notifications, the location system can also provide dispatchers with notifications about resolved ‘issues’ after a driver completes a delivery.”

“It reduces the background noise that trucks face” and keeps them connected to drivers on the road.

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